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Specialist Series Double Pistol Case

Specialist Series Double Pistol Case

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Introducing our Specialist Pistol Case: Designed for Professionals, Built for Convenience

Our line of Specialist bags is meticulously crafted with professionals like you in mind. The unique front panel design sets this pistol case apart from the rest, offering a stylish and functional solution for carrying all your range day accessories. Whether you're a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, or firearms enthusiast, this case is tailored to meet your needs.

With our Specialist Pistol Case, you can confidently carry your pistols and range accessories in style and convenience. Its tailored design, cushioned compartments, enhanced mag slots, lockable admin pocket, and other thoughtful features make it an indispensable companion for professionals like you. Experience the difference with our Specialist line of bags and take your range day to the next level.

Here are the main features of our Specialist Pistol Case:

Here are the main features of our Specialist Pistol Case:

  1. Specialist Front Panel: The exclusive front panel design sets this case apart from traditional pistol cases. Not only does it add a touch of uniqueness and style, but it also enhances the overall functionality of the case.

  2. Cushioned Pistol Compartments: The case features cushioned compartments specifically designed to securely hold and protect your pistols during transportation. The soft padding ensures that your firearms remain safe from scratches and impacts.

  3. Enhanced Knitted Elastic Mag Slots: The case is equipped with knitted elastic slots that securely hold your magazines in place. These slots have been designed with increased ease of use in mind, allowing for quick and convenient access to your magazines. The elastic material ensures a snug fit for most sizes of magazines.

  4. Lockable Admin Pocket: The case includes a lockable admin pocket, providing an additional layer of security for your valuables and sensitive items. You can store documents, keys, or other essentials in this pocket, knowing that they are protected and easily accessible only to you.

  5. Lays Flat: The case is designed to lay flat when opened, allowing for easy access to your pistols and accessories. This feature ensures a convenient setup during range sessions, enabling you to focus on your shooting without any hassle.

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